ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 


Refer Friends and Earn $$

We think competing is awesome. But even better is competing alongside your friends. Although technically the Endeavor Team Challenge is for teams of 2, there are portions of the event (Crucible, Competitor Field, Battle Drill) where teams can move together or cheer for each other. As long as teams stay within the rules of completing each portion, this camaraderie is encouraged and motivating each other to get over the finish line will really bring you together to make the event even more rewarding.

To give you some extra motivation to get your friends to register, we´re opening up a referral program.


  1. You must already be registered for the 2018 event before you can refer anyone.
  2. The person you refer must enter your name in the appropriate field during checkout.
  3. Each referral earns you $20 and you may refer up to 5 competitors.
  4. Money will be distributed via Paypal.

Please email info@endeavor-usa.com with any questions!