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What makes the Endeavor team challenge different?

The Endeavor Team Challenge is an unforgettable experience that pushes competitors of all backgrounds and skill levels beyond their perceived limits.

A 30+ hour event that spans over 40 miles broken into 4 sub components:

  • Crucible Road March: 15+ mile (undisclosed distance) movement with pack in the national forest surrounding Bear Valley, California.
  • Competitor Field: a 5 sub-event, spectator friendly event based in and around Bear Valley, CA includes obstacle courses, rock climbing, strength events, orienteering, and other fitness tests.
  • Night Orienteering: move through the National Forest with only a map and a compass.
  • The Final Run: a 7+ mile (undisclosed distance) run without pack through the National Forest, with some bonus events along the way.
  • Bonus Event: The Battle Drill – at an undisclosed time and location competitors complete a known fitness challenge (details of which are released to competitors prior to the event).
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The Event: Two-person teams compete in a 30+ hour challenge. Finishers cover more than 40 miles of spectacular terrain, encountering obstacle courses and physical and mental challenges along the way. It is an unforgettable adventure and a monumental test of fitness.


Fitness is the ability to perform under stress. The Endeavor Team Challenge tests fitness by providing competitors with a vast array of thoughtfully designed physical and mental challenges.  Our courses are inspired by the challenges faced by US Army Rangers and Special Operations soldiers in training and selections.  They combine natural and man-made obstacles with thoughtful fitness programming.  The result is a monumental test of fitness that allows competitors to get outdoors and have an unforgettable adventure.

We have designed the course to reward a wide range of competitor skill levels.  Teams that are more experienced in the required skills can maximize their scores by choosing more difficult routes.  Competitors with only a basic knowledge of the required skills should be fully capable of completing and winning the event if they perform well in other areas. Read more.

See physical requirements here.

See skill requirements here.