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I’m not an expert.  Should I still sign up?


Skills Training

Yes.  We have designed the Endeavor Team Challenge course to involve a variety of disciplines.  Few people are experts in every discipline; every competitor will have portions of the course with which they are confident and other portions which cause some trepidation.  As such, the scoring scheme and course design allow competitors to make choices that will balance the tension between difficulty and points.  For example, an ambitious team with extensive night orienteering experience may attempt to maximize their score by finding every orienteering point.  A team less experienced in orienteering may choose a less ambitious route during orienteering and instead choose a more difficult climbing route to maximize their score in Competitor Field.

Every event of the Endeavor Team Challenge is thoughtfully designed so that it is a true challenge for the most advanced competitors but still accessible to athletes with basic knowledge of each discipline.   This design ensures that every competitor team will have an opportunity to showcase their strongest skills and be rewarded for these skills with points.  Variability of skill-levels among team members will likewise add to the experience, as team members will support each other during individual moments of weakness by coaching each other through the most difficult events.

Competitors ColorThe Endeavor Team Challenge is a learning experience.  The learning begins during preparation from the event, when competitors select a teammate and begin their training.  Balancing fitness training with the rest of life’s tasks is a difficult but essential skill, one that the Endeavor Team Challenge will test for each competitor team.  During the event, competitors will see how their training stacks up against athletes from other geographies, training regimens, and walks of life.  This comparison will provide a mark on the wall by which competitors identify areas for improvement that may have previously been blind spots in their fitness and knowledge.  All competitors will learn from the experience and walk away from the Endeavor Team Challenge with new skills and experiences.