ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 


Less Talk, More Action

According to anecdotal evidence, the completion rate of New Year’s resolutions is close to 0%. New Year’s resolutions are made with the best intentions, but often fall victim to a lack of follow through. Setting a New Year’s resolution let’s a person feel the positive emotions as if they accomplished the goal, without actually doing any of the work or actually fulfilling their resolution.

This New Year, forego on making a New Year’s resolution. The principles of inertia are at work when a New Year’s resolution is made, so the solution is to not give yourself a choice. Instead, simply make a decision to take action. This reframing withholds the fanfare and instead focuses on the important thing – working towards the decision you made. Make action the only option.

In the case of the Endeavor Team Challenge, registering for it can be scary. It’s a monumental test of fitness and an adventure unlike any other. Listen to any competitor who has crossed the finish line and you’ll understand why it is worth it. But your decision doesn’t need to be the Endeavor Team Challenge. It could be a 5k or a marathon or even something completely different such as carrying on the legacy of a company or writing a blog. Just commit to something.

Buy in, sign up and force yourself to take action. Get a partner, tell other people, or post on social media so that you are held accountable to your decision. Have something at stake so failure to complete or prepare actually means something. Make a decision in 2018.