ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 

Minimum Physical Requirements

In order to ensure the highest quality event for all competitors, we must require you to perform physically within a certain threshold.  These requirements provide a benchmark for the  physical ability necessary to complete the challenge safely and maintain the necessary flow through each event.  You should be comfortable completing the tasks below before arriving at the event.  If it is determined that you are unable to complete these tasks you and your teammate may be removed from the course.  Learn more about who should compete in the Endeavor Team Challenge.

1. Run 6 miles in under an hour

2. Swim 50 meters fully clothed, unassisted*

3. Carry a person of equal bodyweight on your back 50 meters

4. Hike 12 miles carrying a 35 lb backpack in under 4 hours

*life-vests are provided for all swimming portions