ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 

Skill Requirements

Parts of the Endeavor Team Challenge require competitors to perform certain skills.  If you are unable to demonstrate these skills, you may be restricted from certain portions of the event or not allowed to continue if it is determined you are a safety risk.   Retraining will be available at the event to assist you for several of the skills.*  Learn more about who should compete in the Endeavor Team Challenge.

1. Climb a 12ft rope and descend under control.

2. Put on a rappelling harness and helmet and make proper adjustments  in under 90 seconds (instruction and training available online and some retraining is available at the event). 

3. Tie the following knots (knot instruction videos):

  • bowline
  • square 
  • figure-eight
  • re-traced figure eight

4. Hook-up to a ATC belay device and execute a safe and controlled rappel (instruction and training will be available online and at the event).

5.  Navigate between points on a map during the day and night with a map and a compass (map reading videos, navigation instructional videos).

6. Put on a life vest and make proper adjustments (instruction will be available online and at the event). 

7. Paddle a Canoe or Kayak (beginner level skill is all that is required).

8. Waterproof your gear and build a poncho raft or other device to transport your gear across a lake or stream.  (link to instructional video)

*We believe that the average athlete should be able to learn these skills quickly with some help from the videos and posts on the Skill Training Page.  However, we cannot guarantee that this instruction will be sufficient for all competitors.  Please seek expert training before the event if necessary.  We will provide some training at the event, but your proficiency with these tasks is your own responsibility.