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The Ultimate Challenge of Endurance, Strategy, Strength, And Fortitude

August 24th-25th, 2024

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What’s Your Level of Endurance?

The only event of its kind that levels the playing field for all teams by requiring skill, practice, patience and fitness to all come together at the same time to conquer and overcome. Just when the body is tired, we throw in strategy and when the mind is foggy, we push and rely on grit.


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Hone the right skills for all aspects of the race.


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Physical Requirements

Train to improve endurance and compete effectively.


and LET’S GO!

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The event route is connected by some of Americas most beautiful lands, from rivers and lakes to waterfalls and forest trails.

the challenges

Set a High Bar and Go All In

Endeavor Team Challenge was created by Men serving in our Army Special Forces and lives on with their support and the leadership of some of Americas top fitness professionals and passionate race competitors.

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You will work with professional teams and overcome your fears of rock climbing, be guided by top athletes as you test your endurance and strength, put your mind to the test with navigation, and when it all seems too much you will rely on the teammate you choose to be there and push with you to the end

Want to see the competition up close? We’re currently recruiting volunteers to help out during the competition.  Sign up below.

endeavor 2024

What’s Your Level of Endurance?

In this 10th event we will deliver 12 separate challenges starting with The Crucible, a ruck march/run through our favorite wilderness reserve, the Stanislaus National Forest

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the options

You Decide

Are you ready for the full and ultimate challenge of competing through the night, taking the mental and emotional leap alongside your teammate to power through the night, just the two of you a headlamp and map?