ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 


Introducing Ourselves: Our Endeavor

Our endeavor began on January 28, 2015 in an act of equal parts spontaneity and bold recklessness. While Beau thought he was casually sharing an exciting event that had come across his newsfeed, Gregg decided to act on a whim and figure out the finer details later. Within an hour of that first mention of ETC, Gregg had signed up not only for himself, but also for Beau, ensuring that the only way out was by going through.

About 8 months and one grueling event later, we finished in 7th place. More importantly, Screen Shot 2017 02 18 at 10.48.28 AMwe got to compete together and rely on each other in a way we hadn’t had the opportunity to since our high school wrestling days.  It had been 8 years since Gregg had moved out of their childhood house in Virginia, moving to New York City and then Boston.  Beau followed 2 years behind, making a stop in Providence before settling down in Palo Alto. Although it had been a while, the real beauty of our Endeavor experience lay in getting to rekindle the “to the end of the world” mentality we have for one another. Those 30 hours we spent together competing as a team, dragging each other up mountains, and marching along alone in the dark was a great way to use our sibling bond to endure and conquer everything that Endeavor had for us.

Now we’re taking on a new endeavor. We were disappointed to hear that a 2016 event wouldn’t happen. When we got together over Labor Day, a time in 2015 when we were preparing for the race, we sat down and discussed how we could continue Endeavor, given how much we had enjoyed competing in it. We reached out to Greg, Mark, and Kent and are ready to continue marching towards the vision that the founders started. That vision is creating the pinnacle of fitness events. It’s one that embodies the sense of adventure that inspires people to take risks and trek into the unknown; it’s the same feeling that makes us idolize the great explorers in history. It’s not knowing if you have the mental fortitude and physical ability to excel, but being willing to find out. It’s venturing into that area of discomfort where you push your limits further out.

We are excited to take over running Endeavor and are looking forward to seeing everyone compete in it. Endeavor 2017 will take place in September with more details to come.

At this time, we can say for certain the hardest thing for us come race day will be not being able to test our own merit next to you.