ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 


Endeavor Lives On!

We are excited to announce that the Endeavor Team Challenge will return in 2017.

Nearly a year ago, Greg, Mark, and I decided to not host a 2016 Endeavor Team Challenge.  Life got in the way, and our small team lacked the bandwidth needed to deliver the next iteration of the event. Over the course of the year we talked to several former competitors and fitness enthusiasts who offered support (which we greatly appreciated). But we knew we needed more than support on game day, we needed to hand off the reigns to someone who would bring the event up to the next level.

We found those leaders in the form of two brothers, who competed together in the 2015 P9120356Endeavor Team Challenge. They share our vision to create the ultimate culminating fitness event – the event we would aspire to train for and compete in, and in doing so become the best versions of ourselves. Also, just as important, they are crazy enough to take on the challenge and have the talent necessary to succeed at it.  

For our part, Greg, Mark, and I will still be deeply involved in the planning and execution of the event, especially in ensuring we continue to uphold our high standards for safety. We will also help with coordinating with Bear Valley to ensure that the event is a great success and well integrated into the town.  

We are in the process of formally handing off control of the company and event to Gregg and Beau Martino (bios below).  More details will follow on the 2017 event.

For now train hard, and rest easy knowing that a challenge worthy of your efforts awaits.


up with two brothers, Gregg turned his love for the outdoors and sports into a competition at every opportunity. His involvement in organized sports culminated in a 5 year wrestling career at New York University where he received his BS in Sports Management with a concentration in organizational management. After college Gregg resumed his chase for new physical endeavors to include scuba diving, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cycling, running, and CrossFit where he competed at both the Northeast Regional and the annual CrossFit Games. During the week he works in medical sales and coaches classes at CrossFit One Nation near Boston, MA and on weekends he travels for CrossFit, Inc teaching seminars around the world. In the past, Gregg has worked in the NYU athletic department and has helped run different fitness events ranging in scope from small local competitions to the CrossFit Games. He is looking forward to drawing on these experiences to bring the same world class Endeavor Team Challenge event you know and love, while continuing to innovate, challenge and surprise you as competitors. He would love to hear from you regarding your training methodologies and challenges as he is always looking to find his limits.

Having Gregg as an older brother certainly helped toughen Beau. Continuing the tradition of excelling at wrestling, he competed for four years on the D1 wrestling team at Brown University. Upon graduating, he beelined for California to join the startup life and make use of his business entrepreneurship degree. Currently, he is head of sales for a small tech company. Having a self-described “high-tolerance for risk”, he is a certified skydiver and spends most weekends of the summer camping in Yosemite and hanging off the faces of its rock walls. 11061261 10154252676048618 4203918986075077784 o e1487445969991On off weekends, he takes advantage of the area’s outdoor offerings by hiking and surfing. He thinks Jon Krakauer is the man and romanticizes the idea of the dirtbag lifestyle. Fantasies aside, he aims to continue building Endeavor into an event that taps into competitors’ primal sense of adventure that he thinks really motivates them and embodies the idea of the Endeavor Team Challenge. Tell him about your wilderness stories, especially ones involving rock climbing, and why you Endeavor.