ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 


What is the Endeavor Team Challenge? Competitors describe the event in their own words.

We are often asked to describe the Endeavor Team Challenge, but our answers sometimes fall short.  The truth is that each competitor’s experience is unique.  However, we design the events with one goal in mind- to give our athletes the ultimate adventure – combining all aspects of fitness and the beauty of the outdoors with the objective of pushing competitors well beyond their perceived limits.  We want our participants walk away feeling that they have accomplished much more than they thought possible.

We polled our 2014 competitors and asked them, “How would you describe the Endeavor Team Challenge to someone who has never hear of it?” The question was originally intended to help us evaluate whether we had met our goal,  but we realize that the answers may also give some insights to those considering competing in the event for the first time.   Therefore,  we are sharing their comments here – unfiltered.

Some described it in general terms:


Night Orienteering Prep

Intense and grueling

An epic test

Unique and tough

Hard. Good mental test.

Memorable and a great life experience. Extremely testing

Great test of yourself. Lots of times you want to stop but it lets you get in your own brain.

A difficult challenge that will exhaust your body but be the best event you’ve participated in.

A once in a lifetime adventure, not for the faint at heart.

The Endeavor Challenge is a test of body and mind in a breathtaking environment. 

Some compared it to other types of events:

Endeavor_N_837Sort of an “endurance meets tough mudder … without the mud…” No biking, but just about every other kind of physical test/activity that you could imagine. “Mini Army Ranger boot camp.”

ETC is a tough mudder on crack. 🙂

I usually just refer to it as an adventure race and let their level of questioning guide me as to how detailed I get in describing the breadth of the event.

The Holy Grail of adventure racing.

Some were more descriptive:

A day and a half of hiking, swimming, climbing, and excitement.

One of the better events out there which challenges the mental and physical fortitude of the team. It incorporates all aspects of fitness, mental strength, problem solving, orienteering and adapting and overcoming challenges.


Endeavor_N_47630+ hours, 40+ miles, challenges and obstacles that push you past any comfort zone, and a butt-load of memories and experiences that you’ll talk and brag about for the next year. It is telling that of the 6 Competitors we brought on 3 teams this past year, 4 of us have already signed up for 2015 and recruited 4 new people to join us. We’ve already met to plan workout schedules, training hikes/runs, and equipment preparation.

Outstanding two-day event to test your physical and mental strength…not through mundane feats of strength, but through practical and evolving challenges. The buddy nature of the team challenge reinforces the concept that two is one, and one is none…you can not and will not finish something this challenging without the support of your teammate.

An adventure for someone who loves the outdoors natural challenges, (not man made) who enjoys being competitive and pushing themselves while helping and getting help from your partner and friend.

Is ‘s the ultimate test of physical and mental endurance for thirty straight hours with a partner. It will shock you what the human body can withstand when it’s pushed past what you think is it’s limit.

A fun weekend playing in the woods. Hiking, swimming, feats of strength, obstacle course, orienteering. and that’s just part of the first day..

a challenging test of mental and physical fortitude, covering some the most beautiful terrain in the Sierra Nevada.

A race / event that challenges US Marines, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, Ultra endurance athletes, CrossFit champions, Ironman triathlete, and experienced outdoorsmen.

you don’t want to miss it…

As you can see the event was different things to different people.  The responses humbled us.  They also reassured us that we are on the right track to accomplishing our goal of providing the ultimate fitness event and a life affirming experience for all those who choose to take the challenge.

If you competed and would like to add to this list please feel free to email me here, and I’ll add your response.

Best – Kent