ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 


The Value of Teams

DSC 5336 e1493144355243At Always Endeavor we believe in the value of teams.

Individual athletic events are great for building character and self-confidence.  They measure individual physical ability and willpower.  The individual is both the protagonist and the antagonist; fighting inner demons that are constantly saying slow down or give up.

Something is lost in individual events though.  People are at their best when held accountable by others.  They fight harder when they are not just fighting for themselves.  And while individual tasks require hard work and discipline, teamwork requires the building of an equally important skillset: communication, humility, compromise, and selflessness.

We designed the Endeavor Team Challenge to require teamwork.  Many portions of the event physically require two people; others would be unsafe without a teammate to rely on.

The event is designed to push competitors beyond their perceived physical and mental limits.  We believe that most people can accomplish much more than the arbitrary limits they set for themselves, and that there is value in pushing beyond these limits and finding out what we are made of.  This is a hard thing to accomplish alone, but it is a natural thing to accomplish in a team – where the next step you take is not just about you.

We fully expect that Endeavor Team Challenge competitors will have moments of weakness during the event, and it is during these moments of weakness that they will turn to their teammate for support.   Our hope is that competitors will learn rely on their teammates, and that those who finish together will emerge with a lifelong bond and respect for each other.