ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 


Remembering Fallen Soldiers

Memorial Day is a time to remember the heroes we have lost.  Traditionally this means those who died while serving in this country’s armed forces. These fallen men and women deserve our thoughts and appreciation for the sacrifice they have made.

At Endeavor, today we are thinking of a hero of ours who passed away last year, Dave Edney.  Dave served his country.  He spent 10 years in the Coast Guard before moving up to the mountains where we found him. But Dave was a hero to us because we have never met a man with a bigger heart.

Dave competed in every Endeavor Team Challenge to date. He was hard to miss on the Endeavor A 266course, competing with his brother, wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt, marching mile after mile, and lifting objects with near superhuman strength. He also helped out our team whenever he had the chance.  On his own accord he weed-wacked the entire obstacle course the first year. He was always there with a ladder or tool when needed.  And he would welcome us into his home for some good grub and a growler of beer on occasion – taking the edge off the long hard days that lead up to the event.

One story in particular stands out about Dave. Near the end of the inaugural Endeavor Team Challenge, Dave and his brother Jack, were in contention to win with only the final run to go. As a local resident, Dave knew the trail networks extensively. Unfortunately, that knowledge worked against him. At one point during the run, knowing the final destination and probably droning a bit (as one does after 30 hours of physical activity), Dave made the mistake of continuing on a trail he knew rather than turning on the marked route. When that trail intersected the marked course and their team was Endeavor E 0108suddenly in the lead he realized their mistake. Without another thought, Dave and his brother Jack backtracked about a mile and continued on at the correct trail. In the process they were passed by a few additional teams, falling further back in the standings. The mistake of a wrong turn likely cost the Edney brothers first place, but Dave took the mistake in stride.

In his own words: “Oh well, Say La Vive [sic] as they say somewhere…We had fun, we still kicked ass (sorry mom, but we did).  We did well for ‘old guys’, we did well for ‘common citizens’.  We are happy.”

As you enjoy the fun activities you have planned today, take some time to remember your heroes and all our fallen service men and women.