ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 


Mental Toughness Part 4: Avoid Complacency

Complacency is the enemy of growth. It’s what makes you think you’re fast enough, strong enough, or tough enough when there is still room for improvement. Complacency is easy because it’s what you know. This comfort zone is a known quality and within the confines of your experiences. The sense of comfort is detrimental because the sense of urgency to improve is gone. Breaking out of this mode is difficult because the mind is resistant to change, but it is necessary to avoid stagnation.

In training, complacency manifests itself in avoiding difficult workouts or workouts that target your weaknesses. It can be uncomfortable to address weaknesses because of the humbling nature of attempting to improve, which inherently includes failure and setbacks. Yet, it is in overcoming these challenges that growth happens. Next time you get that feeling of dread or twinge of anxiety from thinking about training a certain skill, don’t let that discomfort win. It is likely that your experiencing these emotions because either consciously or subconsciously you know that the skill is one that you’re not good at. Take this opportunity to improve yourself!

For those who have had prior success, it can be even more difficult to move out of your comfort zone since it is easier to fall into complacency and towards a plateau of results. Accepting this as the status quo will allow you to maintain the same results that you have achieved previously, but at a certain point, those who have been pushing themselves in new and tougher ways will catch and surpass your results. If you find yourself lucky enough to be at the top of the rankings or a podium, don’t let the success lull you into a trap. Continue striving for greater things.

Complacency can also come in the form of telling yourself that you’ll start tomorrow instead of right now. It’s putting off registering for the Endeavor Team Challenge because it’s outside of your comfort zone. But the only way to break down these self-imposed barriers and avoid complacency is to do things you’ve never done before. Instead of talking about how cool it would be to compete or “maybe next year” break out of your complacency bonds and Answer the Call!