ENDEAVOR 2023 – July 29th – 30th 


How to Prepare for the Unknown

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

AA2 6820 1Maybe you’ve registered for the 2018 Endeavor Team Challenge or maybe you’re still on the fence or working on finding that daring friend who will be your partner. Regardless, training and preparing for the event is probably on the forefront of your mind.

Designing a training program now will help alleviate a lot of the stress that accompanies preparing for an event of this magnitude. However, Endeavor is predicated on ambiguity. The exact details of the event will never be released beforehand, which can make training a challenge – how can you prepare for the unknown?

No competitor has ever been over prepared for the Endeavor Team Challenge, but there are things you can expect and train for:

1) You will move a long distance with your pack.

The top teams from 2017 covered over 50 miles. That’s nearly a double marathon. What matters for training is getting miles under your feet. Train for a half marathon and supplement with some longer runs or hikes. Long hikes exceeding 15 miles can be especially beneficial. These hikes will 1) condition your feet and legs and get you used to carrying a pack, 2) let you figure out a sustainable pace, and 3) break in or test out any new gear you have.

2) You will have periods of high intensity activity.

The Endeavor Team Challenge is the ultimate fitness adventure and as such it must test all aspects of fitness. To balance the long distance movements, various challenges designed to get your heart racing and muscles screaming are included to test anaerobic capacity. Crossfit or similar types of training will do a good job preparing for whatever high intensity challenges Team Endeavor concocts.

3) You will need to navigate your way through the woods.

Orienteering is a major part of the Endeavor Team Challenge – so much so that we make you do it during the day and at night. Familiarity with reading a map and using a compass can’t be overstated. It could be the difference between completing competitor field or making it to the holding area in time and not finishing the event. Taking a class at your local REI and watching Youtube “how to” videos are excellent ways to learn, but nothing beats heading out into the wilderness and getting some hands on experience.

The uncertainty can make training more of a challenge, but by building a strong foundation of fitness and skills, you will feel confident as September 8th approaches.