2019  Northern California Endeavor Team Challenge


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Location:  Bear Valley, CA
Date:  September 7-8, 2019
Check in:  5:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Friday, September 6, 2019
Start:  6:00 AM September 7, 2019
Finish:  12:00PM September 8, 2019 (approximate)


[foldit title=”Course Overview”]

A 30+ hour event that spans over 40 miles broken into 4 sub components:

  1. Crucible Road March: 15+ mile (undisclosed distance) movement with pack in the Stanislaus National Forest.
  2. Competitor Field: a 5 sub-event, spectator friendly event based in and around the town of Bear Valley, includes obstacle courses, rock climbing, strength events, orienteering, and other fitness tests.
  3. Night Orienteering: move through the Stanislaus National Forest with only a map and a compass.
  4. The Final Run:  a 10+ mile (undisclosed distance) run without pack through the Stanislaus National Forest, with some bonus events along the way.



[foldit title=”Price”]

Price: The price per competitor ranges from $475 to $600+ depending on how early competitors sign up for the event. The price increases as less expensive pricing tiers sell out.


[foldit title=”Required Equipment”]

Competitors are required to bring with them the following equipment. It is their responsibility to ensure that it is in good working order prior to arriving at the event. Competitors must carry everything they use during the event and cannot receive any materials from spectators or other teams. Water refills are provided throughout the event.

We recommend that competitors pack as light as possible within these guidelines.

Required Gear:

Recommended Gear:

Prohibited Gear:

In order to compete you must agree to allow the Event Staff to inspect your gear at anytime to ensure you have the proper equipment and no prohibited items.

*Competitors will drop their packs for the final run, and are required to bring a water container with them.

**At no time are you allowed to receive food or drink from other competitors (aside from your teammate) or spectators during the competition.


[foldit title=”Minimum Skill and Physical Requirements”]

Skill Requirements

Parts of the Endeavor Team Challenge require competitors to perform certain skills.  If you are unable to demonstrate these skills, you may be restricted from certain portions of the event or not allowed to continue if it is determined you are a safety risk.   Retraining will be available at the event to assist you for several of the skills.*  Learn more about who should compete in the Endeavor Team Challenge.

1. Climb a 12ft rope and descend under control.

2. Put on a rappelling harness and helmet and make proper adjustments  in under 90 seconds (instruction and training available online and some retraining is available at the event). 

3. Tie the following knots (knot instruction videos):

4. Hook-up to a ATC belay device and execute a safe and controlled rappel (instruction and training will be available online and at the event).

5.  Navigate between points on a map during the day and night with a map and a compass (map reading videos, navigation instructional videos).

6. Put on a life vest and make proper adjustments (instruction will be available online and at the event). 

7. Paddle a Canoe or Kayak (beginner level skill is all that is required).

8. Waterproof your gear and build a poncho raft or other device to transport your gear across a lake or stream.  (link to instructional video)

*We believe that the average athlete should be able to learn these skills quickly with some help from the videos and posts on the Skill Training Page.  However, we cannot guarantee that this instruction will be sufficient for all competitors.  Please seek expert training before the event if necessary.  We will provide some training at the event, but your proficiency with these tasks is your own responsibility.

Minimum Physical Requirements

These requirements provide a benchmark for the  physical ability necessary to complete the challenge safely and maintain the necessary flow through each event.  You should be comfortable completing the tasks below before arriving at the event.  If it is determined that you are unable to complete these tasks you and your teammate may be removed from the course.  Learn more about who should compete in the Endeavor Team Challenge.

1. Run 6 miles in under an hour.

2. Swim 50 meters fully clothed, unassisted.*

3. Carry a person of equal bodyweight on your back 50 meters.

4. Hike 12 miles carrying a 35 lb backpack in under 4 hours.

*Life-vests are provided for all swimming portions.


[foldit title=”Detailed Timeline of Events”]

Competitors will assemble at 5:00 AM on Saturday, September 8th, for a 6:00 AM start. The final event will close at 12:00 PM on Sunday, followed by the Awards Ceremony at. All activities will conclude by 5:00 PM on Sunday, September 9th.

Saturday Morning – The Crucible Footmarch/Late Competitor Check-in:
Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 3.55.33 PM6:00 AM Start: 15-20+ miles (undisclosed distance), carrying all of your supplies for the event including food and water (water resupply is provided throughout the event); move on foot, summit mountains, and cross streams and lakes to arrive at Competitor Field. For competitors arriving after midnight on Friday, late check-in will be available Saturday morning at 4:00 AM.

Saturday Afternoon – Competitor Field:

DSC_533611:00 AM Start (approximate): Invite your friends and family to Competitor Field to watch your team compete in physical and mental challenges, obstacle courses,  rock-climbing, and rappelling.


Saturday Night – Night Orienteering / Navigation:

night8:00 PM Start (approximate): Venture into the forest with a map and compass. Navigate to multiple locations to finish.  If you move fast, you may have enough time for some sleep.


Sunday morning – The Lone Survivors Run:

mohican-run5:00 AM Start:  The final event, a 10+ mile (undisclosed distance) run.  Run to the finish line and encounter a few obstacles along the way – potentially including swimming or  paddling across an alpine reservoir, or rappelling with spectacular views of the Stanislaus National Forest.

Bonus Event: The Battle Drill

DSC_6162At an undisclosed time and location Teams will compete in a fitness challenge.  This event tests Competitors’ ability to train for and perform a known physical challenge.  It provides some balance to the intentional ambiguity of the other events.


Directions, Lodging, and area info – Click Here

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This event takes place on National Forest Service land, and will operate under a special use permit in the Stanislaus National Forest.