RISE Challenge Events

About Us

RISE Challenge Events are a series of themed obstacle course races. Each event features unique obstacles and challenges to match the theme for that one event. RISE Ranch Challenge is all cowboy inspired challenges, benefitting Harmony Farm Sanctuary. RISE Troops Challenge is true to our military theme and first responder themed event to honor those who serve. Expect everything from military walls to scale over to memory tasks and skills including an airsoft challenge. All of our events include individual or a unique team challenge of 3-5 participants, where everyone works together and gets a few special tasks.

2022 dates:

  • May 7th Rise Ranch Challenge
  • May 28th Rise Troops Challenge and Battle HD

2023 dates:

  • May TBD. Will be combining both Rise Ranch Challenge and Rise Troops Challenge in one event.
  • Participants can choose either one event or both.