The Training

Rock Climbing Skill Videos

Rock Climbing will be a sub-event of Competitor Field.  Harnesses, ropes, and professional instruction will be provided.  In the following videos, Aaron Johnson of Mountain Adventure Seminars explains proper procedures, wear of gear, and climbing technique. Aaron shows competitors the climbing gear they should expect to encounter during the Endeavor Team Challenge. Aaron demonstrates proper technique, which will allow even beginner climbers to complete the climbing routes during the Endeavor Team Challenge. Aaron explains the climbing route

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Water Crossing – Building a Poncho Raft

During the Endeavor Team Challenge, competitor teams will have to swim short distances across alpine reservoirs with all of their equipment. In this video we demonstrate how to waterproof your backpacks with provided ponchos.

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Introduction to Land Navigation

This post builds on the Introduction to Map-Reading to cover some basic land navigation / orienteering techniques. Class 1: Pace Count Class 2: Dead Reckoning Class 3: Terrain Association Class 4: Route Planning

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Basic Knots and Other Skills

Hank Keirsey has agreed to let us post these short instructional videos here for your benefit. Lesson 10: Basic knots Class 10.1 – Intro to Knots Class 10.2 – The Square Knot Class 10.3 – The Bowline Class 10.4 – The Round Turn and Two Half Hitches Class 10.5 – The Figure Eight    

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Introduction to Map Reading

This post will introduce you to the basics of reading a map.  It is the first in a series of posts designed with the intent to help competitors develop a basic understanding of map reading and orienteering/ land-navigation. Class #1: Map Familiarization Class #2: Symbols and Colors Class #3: Terrain Features Class #4: Contour Lines (Elevation Changes on a Map) Class #5: Measuring Distance Class #6: Determining Direction of Travel

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