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Aug 4

Rock Climbing Skill Videos

Rock Climbing will be a sub-event of Competitor Field.  Harnesses, ropes, and professional instruction will be provided.  In the following videos, Aaron Johnson of Mountain Adventure Seminars explains proper procedures, wear of gear, and climbing technique.

Aaron shows competitors the climbing gear they should expect to encounter during the Endeavor Team Challenge.

Aaron demonstrates proper technique, which will allow even beginner climbers to complete the climbing routes during the Endeavor Team Challenge.

Aaron explains the climbing route difficulty options available to competitors.  Time bonuses will be assessed for teams choosing more difficult routes.

Aaron walks a competitor through approaching the wall, clipping in to the rope, and communicating with his belayer to safely climb and descend the wall.

Competitors will rappel twice during the Endeavor Team Challenge.  Aaron explains how competitors will approach the rappelling wall, use the belaying device to control their descent, and fireman belay for their partners.

Still have questions about this portion of the event?  Let us know.

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