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Mar 20
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What is provided?

What is provided?


  • All Endeavor Team Challenge courses are unique and thoughtfully designed to highlight and incorporate the beauty and challenges of the existing terrain. 
  • Times and event scores are recorded and rankings are published.
  • Professional rock climbing instructors monitor the safety and belaying of participants. 
  • Custom built obstacles
  • Custom designed teamwork reaction course
  • Marked and manned swim crossing points
  • Marked orienteering courses
  • Marked crucible and final run courses


  • Drinking water is provided at checkpoints throughout the event.  
  • Rock climbing harnesses, helmets, belay devices, and gloves are provided for mountaineering lanes.
  • Boats and life vests are provided for the paddling portion of the event.
  • Competitors are provided necessary equipment to waterproof their gear, build a poncho raft to swim across an alpine reservoir, or a shelter for sleeping if desired.
  • All teams are equipped with a Spot 2 GPS tracking device that will allow friends, family, and race staff to monitor their progress throughout the event.


A comprehensive risk assessment has been conducted on the course to minimize the residual risk without affecting the quality of the event. Some examples of control measures are listed below:

  • GPS tracking of all teams
  • Water points throughout the event
  • Lifeguards and safety kayaks at swim points
  • Professional rock climbing instructors monitoring, certifying, and assisting competitors on mountaineering, rock climbing, and rappelling events
  • Sweepers on all run or hiking routes
  • Well marked land navigation courses with clear boundaries

Fun/ commemorative/ other:

  • Winners receive a specially designed award.
  • Finishers receive a finisher coin – specially minted for their event.
  • Competitors receive a high-quality competitor t-shirt and other gear provided by sponsors.
  • Competitors are treated to the post competition BBQ and festivities.
  • Competitors become lifetime members of the Endeavor community.

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