Who should compete in the Endeavor Team Challenge?

Who should compete?

We encourage anyone who is interested and can meet the minimum physical and skill requirements to come out and compete. We have designed the course in a thoughtful way that will challenge and reward a wide range of competitor skill levels. Teams that are more experienced in the required skills can maximize their scores by choosing more difficult routes. Competitors with only a basic knowledge of the required skills should be fully capable of completing the event. Read more.

What is provided?

What is provided?


  • All Endeavor Team Challenge courses are unique and thoughtfully designed to highlight and incorporate the beauty and challenges of the existing terrain. 
  • Times and event scores are recorded and rankings are published.
  • Professional rock climbing instructors monitor the safety and belaying of participants. 
  • Custom built obstacles
  • Custom designed teamwork reaction course
  • Marked and manned swim crossing points
  • Marked orienteering courses
  • Marked crucible and final run courses


  • Drinking water is provided at checkpoints throughout the event.  
  • Rock climbing harnesses, helmets, belay devices, and gloves are provided for mountaineering lanes.
  • Boats and life vests are provided for the paddling portion of the event.
  • Competitors are provided necessary equipment to waterproof their gear, build a poncho raft to swim across an alpine reservoir, or a shelter for sleeping if desired.
  • All teams are equipped with a Spot 2 GPS tracking device that will allow friends, family, and race staff to monitor their progress throughout the event.


A comprehensive risk assessment has been conducted on the course to minimize the residual risk without affecting the quality of the event. Some examples of control measures are listed below:

  • GPS tracking of all teams
  • Water points throughout the event
  • Lifeguards and safety kayaks at swim points
  • Professional rock climbing instructors monitoring, certifying, and assisting competitors on mountaineering, rock climbing, and rappelling events
  • Sweepers on all run or hiking routes
  • Well marked land navigation courses with clear boundaries

Fun/ commemorative/ other:

  • Winners receive a specially designed award.
  • Finishers receive a finisher coin – specially minted for their event.
  • Competitors receive a high-quality competitor t-shirt and other gear provided by sponsors.
  • Competitors are treated to the post competition BBQ and festivities.
  • Competitors become lifetime members of the Endeavor community.

Where can I get more information?

Where can I get more information?

Each Endeavor Team Challenge is different, because they are all built around the existing terrain. Once competitors have registered we provide additional information to them via email. Prior to each competition all competitors will be given a competitor handbook that provides extensive detail on the individual events. In some cases, like the precise distance of the Crucible Road March or time and location of the Battle Drill, we are withholding details to insert an element of ambiguity, so that competitors must prepare for the unknown.

What equipment do I need?

What equipment do I need?

Any food, gear, or clothing that competitors want access to during the event must be carried into the event by the competitors.

Check the full list of required gear and recommendations here.

Are there prizes?

Are there prizes?

Yes. Every competitor that finishes the Endeavor Team Challenge will receive a specially designed coin that symbolizes their accomplishment. Additionally, there will be prizes for the overall winning male team, female team, and male/female team.

How is the competition scored?

How its Scored

Each major activity (Crucible, Competitor Field, Night Land Navigation, Final Run, and Battle Drill) is given a weight. Teams are ranked based on their performance in each activity and given points based on that rank and the weight of the event. The team that finishes the competition with the most points wins.

Most activities are timed, with certain criteria that must be met (like completing a certain number of obstacles on an obstacle course). The specifics of each event, the standards, and method for ranking teams will be revealed to competitors before the competition in the competitor handbook.

What discounts are available?


We offer a discount for active duty and retired military

Military Discount – $25 

  • Active Duty Military Service Members
  • Reservists and National Guard Members
  • Veterans

I don’t have a teammate yet. What should I do?

Need a teammate?

You can sign up to reserve your team’s spot. When you find a teammate, he or she can join your team at registration. Changes to team composition as the event approaches are bound to happen, and we will accommodate those.

Why two-person teams?

Why two person teams?

  1. Teams are necessary to complete the event safely. We expect teammates to look out for each other throughout the event.
  2. Well functioning teams can accomplish things that individuals cannot. We expect teammates to push each other, and we have designed the event to ensure it cannot be done alone.
  3. The ability to work well with a teammate is important. The event tests that ability.
  4. Teams allow competitors the opportunity to share this event with another person, which hopefully makes the event more meaningful and memorable.

What is the refund policy?


All fees paid and other costs incurred in registration for the Endeavor Team Challenge are not refundable for any reason, under any circumstances, including, but not limited to, event cancellation or delay. Participants may under some circumstances, at the sole discretion of Always Endeavor, LLC, transfer their event registration to another event for a transfer fee.