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Apr 11

2019 – Best and Final

For the last three years Gregg and Beau Martino have stood at the helm of the Endeavor Team Challenge. They resurrected it from the dead after we shut it down in 2015. Their experience as competitors, and their business and fitness backgrounds breathed new life into the event and helped it to evolve into what it is today. It’s with a heavy heart that we are announcing that this year will be the last Endeavor Team Challenge. Though we have said this before …

I like to think of Endeavor, when it is at its best, as a hero’s journey. A bunch of seemingly normal people gather in the mountains one fall weekend and embark on a near impossible adventure. Those that make it through to the other side return changed forever.  

The reason the Martino brothers are stepping down follows a similar vein. Gregg Martino has decided to embark on a hero’s journey of his own. One with real consequence and purpose. One that many Endeavor staff and competitors have embarked on, or are still on. He has decided, at the young and spry age of 30, to step forward to serve his country as an officer in the military.  And not only so, but to try his hand at joining one of its more elite communities. We know this will, and should, take his full focus and energy.

We are proud of Gregg, and hope that his experience planning and executing an event as complex as the ETC will serve him well in his career. And I speak on behalf of the entire Endeavor community when I say that we are truly grateful that Gregg and Beau stepped up and have poured their hearts into the event over the last three years.

So, for 2019, knowing that this is the last year, we are getting back to the original sense of adventure. We are both mixing up the format a bit and pulling back in some of our greatest hits from past events. Our hope is to go out with the best event yet, to hold nothing back, and to allow our competitors, old and new, to embark on one last hero’s journey with us.  

More to follow on that as the event approaches.  But it goes without saying that if you have been intending to sign up for the event, now is the year. And register soon, because we expect the event to sell out quickly.  

– Kent

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